Corporate Citizenship
Reconstruction of Sasumua and Mutate Schools in Molo District
Insteel Limited and Mabati Rolling Mills
undertook to reconstruct Mutate and Sasumua Schools which were burnt down during the 2007 post election chaos. Located in the heart of the Rift Valley Province, Mutate and Sasumua are amongst the worst hit areas whose potential and contribution towards economic growth was abruptly clogged. Many residents were rendered homeless and hopeless thereby causing so many sectoral activities to come to a standstill. Education, the backbone of so many developed and developing economies, was also adversely affected. The reconstruction project which lasted less than a year is presently celebrated by many young souls whose ambitions to make Kenya a better place are yet to be realized.


Famine Relief - Mwingi and Magadi
The 2007 post election chaos significantly affected many sectors of the country's economy. The key sector which is the backbone of Kenya's economy, the agricultural sector, was hard hit by the fact that many Kenyan farmers were prevented from doing what they are best at by:- Internal displacement. Sky rocketing prices of farm inputs and Drought in many parts of the country. As a gesture of care towards those Kenyans who were worst hit by famine, Insteel Limited employees and the shareholders (like other well wishers) generously contributed a total of Kshs. 571,206 aimed at buying food for 2000 families. 1000 families from Mwingi and another 1000 families from Magadi benefited from the relief food. Insteel Limited takes this opportunity to sincerely thank all employees and friends who sacrificed their monies and other material donation towards ensuring that hungry Kenyans lived yet to see another day.



Construction of Modern Dining Complex at Usueni Girls

“Education is the Key to development” they say. A conducive environment is a necessity to peak educational performance though. To avoid adverse effects of bad weather conditions, such as too much heat and heavy downpour, Insteel Limited donated Kshs. 200,000 towards the construction of a modern dining complex during a fundraiser held at Usueni Girls High School In September 2008. Also present during the event was the Hon. Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka.


Playground Upgrade for Jacaranda School

"All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” Insteel Limited appreciates the need for extra-curricular sporting in learning institutions as a tool to promote play and game for effective development and harnessing of talent. Jacaranda School is a pilot school among so many others which will benefit from quality structures and facilities fabricated by Insteel Limited.



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