Insteel limited manufactures water pipes to international standards as specified by BS and ISO. Accurately sized slits of strip, cut from high quality hot rolled mild steel coils, are fed into the mill. The flats strip is gradually formed to round profile with an open seam along its length.

A high frequency induction welding technique is used to form a strong continuous seam joint. The formed pipe passes through an external bead scarfing and sizing and sizing process to bring its dimensions within specified tolerances. The pipes are then cut to desired lengths.

The cut pipes are end faced, straightened, and hydro-tested. Each pipe is subjected to a specified pressure at the hydro-tester to ensure that welding is strong and free from leakage.

At this stage, if required, the pipes are galvanized, screwed and socketed. The manufacturing process uses Hot Rolled (HR) mild steel with a composition of carbon 0.20% maximum; phosphorus 0.05% maximum; manganese 1.20% maximum; sulphur 0.05% maximum and silicon traces.

All the water pipes are threaded to BSPT specification and are fitted with a socket on one end.


Product Areas of Application Feature Benefits
galva-pipes-logo Irrigation, Pumping, Plumbing, Sewage pipe, Water-piping, Guard Rails

Customised Dimensions

Reduces wastage and site handling is easy

Zinc coating as per BS/KS

Longer life, less maintenance cost, assured pure water
Hydro-tested to 50 bar Withstands high pressure pumping, avoids leakage
Metallic nature Application on rugged terrains, reduced thermal effect

Galvapipe Applications



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